The closest car park to Verona airport

We are the largest car park in Verona Airport

AeroPark Verona is a state-of-the-art car park that has access via licence plate reading, CCTV cameras, toilets and a coffe break room. With a capacity of 2400 parking spaces both undercovered and openair, we offer competitive rates with a quality service provided by professional staff that is present 24h/24h. The car park is highly illuminated and completely asphalted (you will not leave your car in a field) as required by the European environmental standards. You will be sure that nobody gets into your car because you keep your car keys. AeroPark Verona is the closest private car park to the Departures Terminal of Verona Villafranca’s airport; we are a stone’s throw from the Catullo airport check in area. AeroPark Verona has 2400 parking spaces

530 undercover parking spaces with the following features:

5,00 m x 2,50 m (Length x Width)

Asphalted surface
Illuminated area

1870 are open air and 530 are undercover (minimum height 2,28 m)

AeroPark staff is present 24h/24h and is supported by state of the art technology capable of recognising your licence plate and active cameras.

You will not have to leave your car keys,park and take your keys with you to be sure that no one will enter your car.

With only a few steps and no need for a shuttle, you will reach the Departures Terminal. Walk along a short sidewalkthat separates AeroPark Verona from the neighboring airport terminal area, and then walk through the terminal area and reach the check in point.

We offer high quality service with the best rates!!!

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You have a flight booked and need a car park?



You have a flight booked and need a car park?